Have you noticed that Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile?  Google has recently made this change and added a whole bunch of new features too.

Your Google My Business is still active but has just been re-named and re-branded to Google Business Profile.  These changes were announced in 2021, with the latest update announcing the retirement of the Google My Business App in April 2022.

So what does all this mean for business owners?

It will require more work from business owners, but there are some benefits to it as well.

Here is what you need to know.

What is the difference between Google Business Profile and Google My Business?

Google Business Profile (GBP) plays a similar role to Google My Business (GMB), but it’s more powerful.

As long as your profile is optimised, it will still appear in local results on Google Search, as well as on Google Maps. Hence, it’s crucial to have one and optimise it to appear as high as possible for people searching for your business, products, and services.

In November 2021, Google began rebranding Google My Business to Google Business Profile. Toward the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, we started seeing the name change roll out and some new features being tested outside of Australia.

To better reflect the purpose of the product and what it can do for businesses, the name has changed. In addition, the platform will receive new features to better meet said purpose.

Introducing Google Business Profile’s Newest Feature:

Google Guarantee Tick

With the Google Guarantee, companies with a GBP will soon be awarded a Green Tick Badge.

Google looks at your GBP and your online presence, and if the information is the same, and ensures you can provide potential customers peace of mind if they come to you. Afterwards, they call you to verify your legitimacy. After that, you will receive this tick.

People see that you are a legitimate business whose information is certified as accurate by Google. This will help you stand out from the competition.

The Google Maps mobile app will replace the Google My Business mobile app by July 2022.

The Google Maps App and Google Search both allow businesses to manage their Business Profiles, providing a quick way to update information about your business.

What do businesses need to do now?

Your Google Business Profile needs to be optimised now. At the very least, you’ll want to ensure your business information is accurate, that you are in the correct categories, and that you are posting both posts and photos regularly.

If you want to get more results from your Google Business Profile, Three Peas Marketing are here to help.

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