When we met Nick, we couldn’t be more excited about his vision to found a family law practice that provided comprehensive and compassionate legal services to Queensland families.

It all began with a plan…

Gold Coast solicitor, father of two and former Queensland Police Officer Nick Harrison founded The Legal House, a boutique law firm to help separated families peacefully negotiate the legal process and achieve successful outcomes.

Nick first engaged the Three Peas to assist with the logo design and branding for his new business.

His website design, copywriting and social media marketing followed, and Nick continues to choose Three Peas for his ongoing SEO, google advertising and social media marketing.



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Located in Southport on the Gold Coast, The Legal House offers dedicated legal support for people facing challenging times. Whether you're dealing with a relationship breakdown or planning for the future, our boutique team is here to provide swift responses and compassionate guidance.

Book your free consultation today through our convenient calendar system via link in bio. πŸ βš–οΈ 

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At The Legal House, we empower families through their legal journeys with compassion, adaptability, and unwavering dedication. Your well-being and successful resolutions are our top priorities. πŸ’™

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When it comes to family matters, having the right legal support makes all the difference. Trust The Legal House to be your partner in navigating complex family law issues.

Your family's well-being is our priority. πŸŒŸβš–οΈ

We offer a wide range of family-related legal services, including:

βœ… Property Disputes
βœ… Consent Orders
βœ… Binding Financial Agreements
βœ… Parenting Agreements & Child Custody
βœ… Parenting Plans
βœ… Family Dispute & Divorce Mediation
βœ… Domestic Violence Orders
βœ… Divorce & Separation

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Thank you for your review Lesley, your kind words mean a lot to us.

Helping families navigate legal matters with care and professionalism is our top priority.

We are delighted that you were satisfied with our service and are grateful for your recommendation. πŸ™

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Gain insight into Inheritance Laws in Queensland through our informative exploration.

Discover how these laws govern estate allocation, whether guided by Will directives or legal parameters.

Learn about intestacy, probate, executorship, beneficiaries, and more for a nuanced understanding. 

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We recognise that each family is different, which is why our approach is as unique as yours.

Whether it's child custody or asset division, The Legal House offers tailored guidance for your family law matters. Let us be your trusted partners throughout the process.

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Empowering individuals, and restoring harmony – that's our approach to legal services.

Under Nick's guidance, our Gold Coast team tackles family matters with compassion and expertise. From property disputes to estate planning, we're dedicated to peaceful outcomes.

Book your free consultation today.

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