Personal trainer and founder of dads-only fitness group Legendaddy, engaged Three Peas Marketing to improve his brand awareness and generate more leads for his amazing business transforming the lives of Gold Coast dads.

More than just digital marketing…

As an established business of over three years, Legendaddy founder Mitch Lowe had already helped over 300 fathers experience life-changing transformation through his program.

However his lead generation had come mostly from Facebook ads, which due to algorithm changes had almost stopped completely by mid-2021. The old methods he had used before were no longer working, and he needed help.

The Three Peas met with Coach Mitch for a strategic planning session, and created a business and marketing plan that encompassed a range of strategies, tactics and channels as well as the creation of a sales funnel to improve his conversion rate.




Part of the marketing strategy included a brand awareness campaign, targeting the geographic area surrounding the gym where the program is based.

This included the creation of brochures and magnets for local referral partners, bumper stickers for the Legendaddy members, vehicle signage for Coach Mitch’s car, A-frame trailer signage, and hat and shirt designs for the members – all of which Three Peas designed and supplied through our printing & merchandising partners.






Media & Publicity

Media exposure is also an ongoing piece of the brand awareness strategy, and in the first month alone, Legendaddy featured in the media FIVE times from just three media releases, putting Mitch’s business in front of tens-of-thousands of potential clients and raising his profile and credibility.



Just a reminder lads, it takes 80% mindset and 20% skill to be LEGEND!
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Fitspo Friday!Brendan was just like many dads who due to a busy family life, lost himself. Now he is part of the Legendaddy community he is fitter, stronger and able to chase around his kids!Want to be like Brendan? Head to our website to join the Legendaddy community. We would love to have you 💪
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